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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 4, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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studios. this is kpix5 news. >> and we begin with breaking news out of east oakland. you can see flames have taken over an abandoned warehouse on international boulevard. this is the view from over ten blocks away. you can see flames leaping into the sky. a lot of smoke coming out of that structure. it started an hour ago, has spread now to three alarms. no word on a cause at this time. we have a crew on the way and we'll have the latest updates coming up tonight at 11:00. >> a wanted man is on the loose in san francisco's college park neighborhood after slipping past police. it started when a chp trooper tried to pull over a stolen suv. it turned into a full blown chase. the driver clipped a cruiser and another car before leading authorities into the college park area. he abandoned the suv and took off running. we're told he tried to break
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into one woman's yard unsuccessfully and then disappeared. neighbors watched on as authorities swarmed the block and searched their homes. >> there were police cars on both ends, the street was blocked off. they had some of the dogs out. it was crazy. >> authorities never found the man, but they did find a large amount of drugs in the car along with tools. this is the second time today a wanted suspect slipped through a san francisco police barricade. this afternoon, officers cordenned off a housing complex looking for a suspected car thief. they searched for hours, but so far, haven't found him. >> a welfare check on a woman in heyward didn't go so well. it ended up in police gunfire. andrea is at the scene tonight, has the latest. andrea. >> ken, the officer involved shooting happened at 7:15 on the summer wood apartments on foothill boulevard. it happened just behind that
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gate in a second floor apartment. neighbors heard five rounds. one shot followed by four shots and very quick succession. howard pd was responding to a welfare check from the pleasantton police department. they took a call from the woman who was possibly suicidal. the heyward police chief says it's not that unusual for may ward do a favor like this for pleasantton. >> no, not at all. really not. i mean, if it's in our city, it's their responsibility to let us know there's an issue going on in our community and i think that's exactly what was done tonight. >> now we still have an active scene at this hour. the crime scene left just a few moments ago. the woman was taken to the medical center in castro valley. the ambulance left this complex with lights and sirens on. they think that's a sign that she's still alive. we are unaware of her condition and we'll keep you updated as
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soon as we find out. kpix5. >> tonight we're learning the suspects charged with a three- year-old death allegedly tried to cover it up days before her body was found. three-year-old, kayleigh slusher's mother, sara krueger and boyfriend, ryan scott warner stuffed her body in a suitcase and placed it in a freezer. >> both defendants did voluntarily make statements and in the course of that statement, they made certain comments and allegations about their actions. >> prosecutors say at this point, they will be pushing for 25 years to life in prises instead of the death penalty. >> a deadly pedestrian accident in san francisco's sunset district. victim was left wedged in the windshield of a car. it happened on sunset near yorba. police are trying to figure out if the victim was using the crosswalk at the time.
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a man in hercules is in jail for a felony hit-and-run. this is surveillance video from a dash cam. watch closely, the man cross crossing the street gets run over by a car. this man, 67-year-old abraham adams was the driver. new at 10:00, charles is hitting the road. the financial giant is moving # ,000 jobs out of san francisco over the next three to five years. that's nearly half of its bay area work force. texas and colorado are among the possible destinations. 12 says the bayarea is just too expensive. >> housing, housing, housing. the housing costs of a prime mover and other competition for labor costs, obviously land costs, there are a voter of costs. >> 12 employees, more than
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13,000 people and 300 branches nationwide. california could soon have the highest minimum wage in the entire country. a bay area lawmaker wants to boost the state's minimum wage. by july, those making $9 an hour and working 40 hours a week would take home $301 a week after taxes. if the senator's bill passes, that same employee would earn $422 a week. that's more than $100 difference. san francisco currently has the highest minimum wage in california at $10.55. well, it's not all the rain in the world, but the feds are offering california farmers the next best thing. money. $20million in aid. the money is earmarked for improvements and irrigation and atans with water facilities. we're in our third straight dry year. governor brown recently
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declared a drought emergency. missouri is moving to the front lines of america's on going food fight and now it's taking on california. the missouri attorney general is suing california over the 2008 law giving chickens more cage space. those new rules will apply to eggs imported from out of state starting next year. meaning that farmers will have to spend money on roomier cages or lose their business. missouri says the california law infringes on interstate commerce protection. >> coming days, the humane society will be offering californians an opportunity to express themselves and push for california egg producers to live up to the wishes under the vote from november 2008. >> the california imports about 180 million dozen eggs from other states. accused of taking millions
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of dollars in fraudulent bonus. during the wars in afghanistan and iraq, the national guards started an incentive program. it offered bonuses who guardsman. an investigation found mostly abuse, hundreds of soldiers collecting bonuses for they didn't sign up. >> the fraud, mismanagement, and other potential criminal achetiveties are disturbing to us as i know they are to you. >> there are 500 criminal investigations, the army estimates the scam cost taxpayers at least $29 million. the program was shut down in 2011. >> apologized for that massive data breech. hackers stole 40 million credit
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and debit cards. >> the mall ware was evidently able to capture card data right after a car was swiped and had sophisticated. the lawmakers are trying to learn how. >> one option, repliesing magnetic strips. they are embedded with the data chip that change whenever the card is scanned. smart cards are widely used in canada and north america. half of all credit card proud occurs. >> it costs money for mer daunts and chanks and upgrade their terminals to talk the cords .z it's luke thinking about if you want to redo all the exits to the interstate system in the u.s. >> the major credit card companies decided to force the
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issue. businesses that don't expect as a matter of record cars will be responsible phi new charges. >> facebook celebrated a milestone by compiling your life's biggest moments. the surprise videos weren't all well received. >> that's right, ken. these videos are set to sent mental music. for most people, they feature wedding photos and baby pictures. some people were creeped out, really paranoid that facebook dug up things they forgot they posted. like it or not, the company spent the last few months crafting these videos for its 1.2 billion users. >> this is facebook's way of celebrating its 10th birthday. a video collage of old photos and status updates ever since you joined. in my case, 2004. it helps you relive memories in 62 seconds, like that time i thought my niece hated me. >> a lot of people enjoyed that
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look back. some people might have been embarrassed. >> this stanford graduate said not everything in her video was worth remembering. >> there was old exboyfriends. there were a lot of things from freshman year. >> mark reflected on his college days today. he told his friends that he was excited to help connect the school community, but one day someone needed to connect the whole world. >> it's like the phone company of our lives. everybody is connected through the same switchboard called facebook and it's become a vital communication tool. >> today, one out of every six people worldwide uses facebook. the average american user is 41. 350million photos are uploaded every day. >> we really like looking at what our friends are doing. >> so much so, that more americans check facebook daily than read the bible. >> i don't read the bible every day. >> are you religious? >> i do. now i need to go to church and
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say i'm sorry after that one. >> so ken and liz, i hear you guys checked out the feature. let's take a look at liz's first. >> same picture over and over again. >> well, we're looking at beautiful photos, liz, i understand of your honeymoon and your wedding. ken, what happened to yours? >> take a look at mine. you know what that says, betty? that says even zuckerberg can't crack the pore persona. >> ken, you have some work to do. >> perfect the way it is. >> in fact, after he saw his little montage, he said i think i revealed too much. maybe an eyebrow next time would be okay. or maybe just a signature. >> you know what? we'll check back with you on facebook's 15th birthday. >> done, deal. >> he has some work to do.
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>> thanks, betty. an heiress kidnapped. we go back to the apartment where it all hammed. why a neighbor didn't call police. >> the bay area five month old at the center of a haves weight battle over bragging rights. >> this may be the last evening that you see kpix high deaf completely dry for a long time. we are going wet. find out when it starts and how much rain is coming up. glasses and coming up at 11:00 on kpix5, imagine if a cop could identify a suspect even if he's disguised, how these smart glasses could stop crimes before they happen. we'll show you. that's tonight at 11:00 on channel 5. ,,,,,,,, ♪
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♪ told ya you could do it. (dad vo) i want her to be safe. so, i taught her what i could and got her a subaru. (girl) piece of cake. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. of patty hearst. it was 9 o'clock at go years ago today, the bay area witnessed one of the biggest stories to happen today. the kidnapping of patty hurst. >> it was 9:00 at night, 1974, when she was taken from a house in berkeley. did then set off a series of wild events that ended with her
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capture a year and a half later. joe vasquez is outside the apartment where this amazing story all got started. joe. >> reporter: yeah, ken, it was a back apartment of this house right here. still referred to around here as the patty hurst house. now with guns blazing, two men and a woman took 19-year-old, patty hurst hostage. >> this is where it all happened. >> jesse lived here now with his girlfriend and two daughters. his landlady told them all about it. >> we move in and she tells us that patty hurst used to live here and this is the house she was kidnapped from. >> they threw me down on the kitchen floor. >> members of a radical group blindfolded the heiress, drug her out to their get away car. >> curran had earlier seen the car double parked in her
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driveway and thought nothing of it. locked her in a closet, tortured and sexually assaulted her. her family held news conferences every day. within months, a dramatic twist. patty was caught on surveillance camera participating in bank robberies with the sla. she even admittedded it audio tape. >> my comrades and i exproem propuated $660,000. >> my feelings for her kept changing. the poor woman, then she joined up with them. >> you thought maybe she joined them? >> as big stories go, this was just about the biggest. my colleague, kpix reporter covered the story back then. many people never believed patty hurst. >> they felt oh she's joined them, she's part of them. personally, i felt through the years that she got a bum wrap, that she was kidnapped. she was brainwashed. she was threatened.
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she was terrorized. and she did what she did because she was a young person and psychologically, she was beaten down. >> months after the bank robberies, a spectacular shootout. hundreds of cops burned it to the ground. patty had moved back to san francisco when the cops found her. a skeptical jury sentenced her to 35 years in prison. >> patty hurst received reprieves from president cartedder carter and president clinton. her husband passed away last month. >> boy, incredible story. well, paul, switching gears here, more rain is in the forecast. this is great. >> it's getter better and better. now we are not only going to be wet, we could be really wet. this is the forecast we've been looking for. lives look outside right now, shows you the radar is clear.
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rain moving into the north by. by thursday, a wet morning commute. it's going to be a nice soaker. overnight, we're going to drop below freezing. windsor, napa, oakland 41. mountain view 37. likely below freezing in fair field as well. let's give a report card. snow pack got a boost over the weekend, but 18%. reservoirs are up 1%, but below half of what is normal and half is up 2%, but 17%, we are taking steps forward. we have a long way to go. we may make up a nice chunk of that. here's why. that ridge of high pressure which was our enemy for rain fall for so many weeks and months is now actually going to be our friend. same ridge, because it will now guide or steer storms into the bay area because the storm track isn't up in canada isn't right over top of us.
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next storm, right into the bay area. a quarter of an inch on thursday. then over the weekend, the ridge, which is now our friend, is diving down to the south, rides over the northern california. 2 inches of rain fall. some parts of the north bay and right now the latest computer model information says one inch of rain. that would provide a dent in that rain fall deficit. so iv on the next seven days a wet commute. that is a good thing. san jose, your average high is 62. high of 57. sunny vail 68 degrees. partly sunny skies. your high 54. daily city 53. and rain by tomorrow everyoning up toward yukaya.
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extended forecast, sog by thursday, a little bit o a break on friday, but not much. the rain moves in all weekend long, it will be raining on monday o morning. so things getter better when it comes back. ,, for over 60,000 california foster children,
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♪ john ramos met the bay areay well, he's only five months old, but you would never guess that just by looking at him. >> the bay area baby who might be california's biggest ever. >> night sammy. >> calling sammy a big baby isn't an insult, it's a fact.
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his mother is somoan and his father is tongan. >> you put that together, we make big babies, but we didn't know he was going to be this big. >> when he was born in august, the biggest newborn baby ever in california. weighing in at a whopping 16- pounds, 1.8-ounces. >> i turned my head where the scale was, i was shocked. i was like, wow. >> now at 5 months old, sammy's home is full of formula boxes and diapers designed for kids three times his age. he began eating cereals at three months old and two brothers call him a super hero. >> 24 inches. so all the clothes we had at the baby shower, i tell you. >> despite the challenges, mom calls sammy's size a blessing and a gift from god.
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dad just says -- >> they never publicized sammy's birth weight, but it bothered him when they recorded over record babies. >> 14-pounds from modesto. since you're here, we're setting the record straight, who carries the title. sammy. sammy. >> so, as sammy grows up, always the biggest kid in the room, his parents have this advice. >> you have to smile and do what you need to do. >> it's a gift from god. >> now the world knows who he is as well. in daily city, john ramos, kpix5. ,,,,
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night at oracle...this fast break summed it up...only 4 points in back in a warrior uniform didn't do much good against
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charlotte. disastrous night. four points in transition for the warriors, that was it. not happy. the bobcats did whatever they wanted offensively. two three's in the fourth to make sure there was no golden state comeback. now jefferson owned the paint. 14 boards, warriors lost, 91- 75. it was ugly. the moment sent out this photo of himself to repair his torn acl. i still think he'll be ready to go opening day. giants and the 49ers raised $100,000 for charity today. there is smith, look at that swing. that's impressive. he sank that shot, but andrew of kansas could have been chose, yeah. happened tonight, kansas beat baylor 69-52. we're going to hear from alex
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smith at the 11:00 news. exclusively. >> we get to meet him. see you at 5:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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